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Gov. Phil Murphy, top right, with Chief of Staff George Helmy, Commissioner of Health Judy Persichilli and State Police Superintendent Patrick Callahan on a video conference call with the Trump Administration on April 20, 2020. Photo courtesy of the Office of the Governor.

Murphy applauds Pence, but says N.J. needs more

VP has been responsive, Murphy says

By David Wildstein, April 20 2020 4:09 pm

Gov. Phil Murphy today praised Vice President Mike Pence for his receptiveness to helping New Jersey deal with the COVID-19 crisis, but said the Trump Administration could be doing more.

“I’m on a back and forth with all variety of federal partners.  We have not had one call that hasn’t been answered or returned,” Murphy said at a press briefing in response to statements by Pence that there is enough testing to go around.  “We haven’t necessarily always liked the answer.  We’ve gotten stuff, but we’ve invariably need more.

Murphy specifically lauded the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Army Corps of Engineers, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency – and Pence.

“High on that list is the vice president.  I have to say that,” Murphy said in response to statements by Pence about there being enough testing to go around.  “He has been responsive.”

Still, Murphy said New Jersey “hasn’t gotten a fraction of what we wanted, necessarily,” especially as it relates to testing state residents for the deadly coronavirus.

“I would say with the greatest respect, we don’t see it that way as it relates to testing,” he said.

“There is not as far as we can tell plenty to go around.  We have turned over every stone we can find here,” said Murphy.  “We need more capacity and more materials,” he said.

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