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New Jersey Transit CEO Kevin Corbett

Firm’s work with ICE won’t jeopardize $3.5 million NJ Transit contract

Different people involved, Corbett says

By Nikita Biryukov, December 11 2019 4:07 pm

A consulting firm’s role in shaping policy related to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s treatment of migrants won’t jeopardize a $3.5 million contract it holds with NJ Transit.

“From my understanding, those are totally different people,” NJ Transit executive director Kevin Corbett said. “It’s a huge company, just like a lot of firms.”

Last week, a joint report by ProPublica and the New York Times found McKinsey & Company recommended cuts to food and medical care for migrants and ways to accelerate their deportation.

NJ Transit awarded the firm a contract to implement the recommendations of an audit of the beleaguered transit network Gov. Phil Murphy ordered last year.

The optics of the firm’s association could still pose a problem for Murphy.

Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg has faced fire from progressives and the field’s more left-leaning candidates over work he did for the firm roughly a decade ago.

It’s possible the NJ Transit contract could cause similar problems for Murphy.

“I don’t worry about the optics. I worry about the product,” Corbett said. “That’s somebody else’s worry.”

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