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Senate Minority Leader Tom Kean.

Kean celebrates NJ Transit residency requirement removal

By Nikita Biryukov, January 17 2019 3:38 pm

Senate Minority Leader Tom Kean lauded the state’s removal of residency requirements for NJ Transit operator and engineer positions in the wake of a hiring surge and the agency.

“For years I have called for New Jersey to eliminate the rigid state residency mandates for public employment,” Kean said. “Those hiring limitations are a big part of the reason NJ Transit ended up so short staffed, leading to many cancelled trains and buses for commuters. I am pleased we succeeded in getting NJ Transit exempted from these requirements, which led to recent accomplishments in filling vacancies in their training programs.”

Since the requirements were suspended, NJ Transit has hired 102 locomotive engineers and 386 bus operators. It is not clear how many out-of-state residents are part of either group.

Kean went further, calling for the state to suspend its residency requirements for all positions.

“It’s clear that lifting this requirement across government in all agencies can serve a similar purpose,” Kean said. “We shouldn’t create artificial barriers mandating people live in NJ. We should have policies that make NJ more competitive, more affordable, and provide a good quality of life for our residents.”

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