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AECOM Exec to run NJ Transit

By David Wildstein, January 30 2018 12:08 pm

Kevin Corbett, an executive at a mega transportation and infrastructure company, is Gov. Phil Murphy’s choice to run New Jersey Transit.

“We can no longer continue to accept the dismal business as usual at an agency that so many commuters throughout New Jersey depend on,” Murphy said. “We cannot continue to wake up in the morning fearing reliability and safety on our commutes. I am confident that Kevin’s leadership can help turn NJ Transit into a transportation system that our commuters value and trust.”

Corbett is Vice President of Cross Services at AECOM, where has had an oversight role on critical projects including Amtrak’s Gateway Project, the first phase of New York City’s Second Avenue Subway project, work on New York Penn Station, and PATH restoration after Superstorm Sandy.

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