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CWA boss bashes Christie move

Seems like old times

By David Wildstein, March 02 2018 6:02 pm

Communications Workers of America New Jersey District Director Hetty Rosenstein today slammed former Gov. Chris Christie for a last-minute move that cut interest rates on state employee pensions.  Gov. Phil Murphy announced yesterday that he would reverse Christie’s decision.

“As the last days of Governor Christie’s eight long years drew to a close, he slipped in yet one more bad policy under the wire. As always, Christie was a complete hypocrite – feigning  concern regarding the rate-of-return being too high, all the while underfunding the pension with one hand while using fees to line the pockets of his Wall Street friends with the other,” Rosenstein said.  “We agree that the interest rate cut on pensions should be phased-in. And we are thankful that Christie’s wreckage to our state is finally beginning to be reversed.”
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