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PBA boss cheers Christie’s departure

By David Wildstein, January 15 2018 12:11 pm

The head of New Jersey’s top law enforcement union cheered the pending exit of Chris Christie after eight years as Governor.

“Today marks an end to a disastrous eight years of the outgoing governor who had no respect for NJ Law Enforcement,” said New Jersey State PBA President Patrick Colligan.  “I want to thank all the officers who stood up to him and fought for our fellow officers. Your efforts will not be forgotten

Culligan made his comments in a Tweet thanking police officers and their families “who endured these past years.”

“We will move forward always remembering, governors may come and go, but officers are here forever,” Culligan said.

Also today, PBA 195 President Brian Renshaw commended Christie for signing a bill that changes the title of State corrections officers to State correctional police officers.

“Calling these brave men and women correctional police officers will bring a whole new sense of pride to their job,” said Renshaw. “Both sides of the aisle deserve recognition, but I also want to applaud Governor Christie for addressing this issue while he can. It would have been very easy for him to ignore it and move on, but getting this done sooner, rather than later means a lot to our officers.”

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