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New Jersey Democratic State Chairman John Currie. Photo by Kevin Sanders for the New Jersey Globe

Currie won’t raise money for Albany Democrat

Newspaper that reported NJ Democratic state chairman would host fundraiser got it wrong, county executive campaign says

By David Wildstein, April 17 2019 1:02 pm

John Currie won’t be raising money for Albany county executive Daniel McCoy after all.

The McCoy campaign said that a report in the Times Union that Currie would host a “whiskey and cigar” fundraiser next month in Montvale for McCoy was inaccurate.

“I don’t know how that draft invite got out.  There’s nothing finalized,” said Matt Cannon, McCoy’s campaign manager.

Cannon’s comments contradict his own statements to the Times Union that confirmed the May 15 event.

“This was a miscommunication on our end,” Cannon told the New Jersey Globe.  “An invitation was extended to Currie and the draft was to show how it would look if he did attend.  It was just a draft.”

Cannon says that the fundraiser was never scheduled and that “nothing is confirmed at this time.”

Currie has no plans to attend or participate in the McCoy fundraiser, according to the New Jersey Democratic State Committee.   He has committed to attend a Hudson County Democratic event that evening/

The idea that Currie was raising money for a New York candidate would likely have caused him some trouble in New Jersey, where he is in a tough race for re-election for another term as Democratic state chairman.

“Currie should be spending all his time raising money for New Jersey candidates and for Cory Booker, and not for an ally of a governor who’s screwing New Jersey commuters,” said a senior Democrat who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

New Jersey and New York are sparring now over Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s congestion pricing plan.   McCoy is a Cuomo ally and Currie is allied with Gov. Phil Murphy.

Cannon said that Currie and McCoy don’t know each other but declined to say who connected the county executive’s campaign to the top New Jersey Democrat.

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