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New Jersey Democratic State Chairman John Currie. Photo courtesy of the New Jersey Democratic State Committee.

Allison Murphy resignation changes magic number in state chairman race

Jones still leads Currie; vacancies expected to be filled before vote

By David Wildstein, December 15 2019 1:26 pm

The recent resignations of two Democratic State Committee members reduces the magic number needed to win the race for state party chairman from 49.5 to 48.25 — for now.

The vacant seats are expected to be filled soon, before the vote between LeRoy Jones, Jr. and incumbent John Currie.

Both resignations came from supporters of Jones: Bill Robinson of Monmouth last week, and Allison Murphy of Cape May this morning.   Robinson had a full vote and Murphy had a half vote; Cape May has just one state committee vote, divided between the male and female members.

The Robinson and Murphy resignations changes the current New Jersey Globe tally in the Currie vs. Jones race:  the race is now 52.5 for Jones and 43 for Currie, with one vote now in the toss-up column.

Jones is still ahead — 4.25 votes over the magic number and 9.5 votes more than Currie.

Half votes occur when counties have an odd number of state committee members, which statutorily best be evenly split between men and women.

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