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Democratic congressional candidate Mikie Sherrill

Sherrill says Webber should return Cotton money

GOP Senator who raised money for Webber voted against flood insurance protection

By David Wildstein, August 01 2018 9:47 am

A U.S. Senator from Arkansas who headlined a Washington, D.C. fundraiser for Republican congressional candidate Jay Webber voted against extending the National Flood Insurance Program, and now Democrat Mikie Sherrill and Rep. Bill Pascrell (D-Paterson) say Webber should return the contributions.

“Homeowners and business owners in our district, especially those living in the Passaic River Basin, depend on the National Flood Insurance Program for affordable protection for their property,” said Sherrill. “A vote against the program is a vote against our infrastructure, our businesses, and our homes, and does not reflect New Jersey values. I applaud the Senate’s bipartisan vote to help protect New Jersey’s economy from extreme weather and flooding.

Wayne, Pompton Lakes, Little Falls, Lincoln Park, and Pequannock have relied on the National Flood Insurance Program after repetitive flooding in recent years.

Webber supported the flood insurance program extension.

“Families who live in flood-prone areas in Essex, Morris, Passaic and Sussex counties are one step closer to having certainty and affordable coverage headed into this year’s hurricane season,” said Webber. “Reform and a longer extension of the program are needed, but this temporary extension is desperately needed.”

Sherrill suggested that the Webber-Cotton alliance – the two are longtime friends – might be bad for New Jersey.

“The fact that Assemblyman Webber has closely aligned himself with Senator Tom Cotton shows the values that he would bring to Washington: intransigence, partisanship, and self-interest,” Sherrill said.  “We can surely expect that same type of ideologically driven voting from Assemblyman Webber if he were elected to the House of Representatives.”

Pascrell said Webber “has embraced and loudly touted the support of Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton, one of the foremost right wing radicals in America. Tom Cotton has voted against New Jersey’s interests for years.”

“These are Arkansas values. Those aren’t North Jersey values, not by a long shot. I’m calling on Jay Webber to repudiate Tom Cotton and other extremists and to return the money raised for him by Cotton,” Pascrell said. “The choice in the Eleventh District couldn’t be more stark. Jay Webber will stand next to extremists. Mikie Sherrill will stand beside regular New Jerseyans.”

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3 thoughts on “Sherrill says Webber should return Cotton money

  1. What does Ms. Sherill know about our values, didn’t she live outside of CD11 and move into the district after she decided to run for Congress? Also, Ms. Sherill is being supported by Governor Phil Murphy, who has increased taxes, increased spending, and forced us to once again enter into a cap & trade scheme that will increase energy costs. She lectures Jay Webber about being supported by a U.S. Senator who voted for tax relief that has contributed to robust economic growth, yet she is being supported by a Governor who is embracing the failed policies of yesterday right here in New Jersey. I will be supporting Webber and the Republicans in Morris County other than an incumbent Freeholder who voted to increase taxes three years in a row.

    1. Morris voter 2
      Montclair and Morristown share the same high values. Also, Tom Cotton and his Republican colleagues did not give tax relief to property owners in New Jersey, but a property tax increase!
      Tom Cotton definitely does not live in New Jersey District 25!

      1. Morristown is in CD11, only part of Montclair is. Didn’t Ms. Sherill move across town in Montclair to reside in CD11? I’m not sure if it’s worse that she felt the need to move into CD11 to become “one of us” or that she doesn’t realize the constitution doesn’t require her to live in CD11 to run for Congress here. Yes, there are some wealthier people in New Jersey who got a tax increase, but in most of the country it’s only very wealthy people who pay more than $10,000 in property taxes. Why should other states subsidize poor decisions coming out of Trenton? Middle and lower income people in CD11 and New Jersey saw a tax cut thanks to Tom Cotton and Republicans in Congress. Jay Webber supports tax cuts that have helped get us to 4% economic growth, Mikie Sherill opposes tax cuts that have helped created jobs and save middle and lower income Americans money.

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