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New Jersey has more than 1 million more Democrats than Republicans. Photo courtesy of Ohio State University.

N.J. still has 1 million more Democrats than Republicans, but August gave GOP an 8-1 registration edge

New Jersey added just 4,005 new voters in August, about 88% less than August 2020

By New Jersey Globe Staff, September 07 2021 12:28 pm

New Jersey Republicans picked up 3,887 new voters in August, while Democrats lost 510, according to recent data released by the New Jersey Division of Elections.

The state still has 1,074,691 more Democrats than Republicans, and Democrats outnumber unaffiliated voters – frequently referred to as independents – by 183,653.

Records show New Jersey adding 4,005 new voters to the rolls last month – substantially less than the 33,269 added in August 2020, in advance of the presidential election.

The largest Republican gain came in Ocean County, which added 3,891 new Republicans in August 2021.   Ocean also lost 4,459 unaffiliated voters and 317 total voters.

Essex lost 1,008 voters: 636 Democrats, 239 unaffiliateds and 135 Republicans.  Only Ocean and Essex experienced 4-digiy changes last month.

The deadline to register to vote for the November 2 general election is October 12.

New Jersey did not change the voter registration deadline when the state passed a new early voting law earlier this year.  That means election officials must process all voter registrations receive by October 12 before early in-person voting commences on October 23.

The New Jersey electorate is now 39% Democratic, 23% Republican, 36% unaffiliated.

New Jersey’s 7 independent parties make up 1.2% of the state’s voters.  Libertarians added 275 new members in August, while the Socialist Workers Party added 2 and the Green Party lost 14.  Two independent parties – the Natural Law Party and the Reform Party – have been defunct for 17 years, but there is no legal mechanism to remove those affiliations from the voter rolls.  That affects 8,548 New Jersey voters.

At the same point four years ago – the last time New Jersey held a gubernatorial election – Democrats outnumbered Republicans by 874,288.

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