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Gov. Chris Christie meets with Gov.-elect Phil Murphy in Trenton on November 9, 2017. Photo courtesy of the Office of the Governor.

Murphy punches back when Christie slams him on Twitter

By David Wildstein, March 02 2020 6:28 pm

Chris Christie left office with upside-down favorables of 13%-68%, perhaps the least popular New Jersey governor since William Franklin backed King George against the American Revolution.

The idea that most New Jerseyans don’t like him hasn’t stopped the former governor from engaging his successor in a mini-Twitter war.

It started on Sunday when Christie tweeted a Press of Atlantic City editorial called “Murphy proposes to tax and spend like there’s no tomorrow.”

Murphy punched back.

“We’re still digging out of the spectacular failure brought by your eight budgets. Budgets that prioritized the wealthy and well-connected over our middle class, led to 11 credit downgrades, devastated New Jersey Transit commuters, and failed to invest in public education,” the governor tweeted.

Christie went at Murphy again today.

“The great thing about Governor Murphy is truth doesn’t matter as long as he can make the sale,” the two-term Republican said on Twitter. “In our eight budgets we increased spending on public education (K-12), did the first capital investments in our public universities in 25 years, increased funding to NJ Transit 56% in 8 yrs.”

He also said his administration “expanded Medicaid to give more New Jerseyans access to health care and made more contributions to the public pension system than our five predecessors combined (a plan Governor Murphy has not changed one letter in). All that and more with no tax increases.”

“The Murphy record is clear: billions in tax increases, 18% increase in spending, worse service on NJ Transit and no hope for new businesses buried in taxes and regulation,” Christie said. “And, (by the way) we were left with a $2b deficit on 2010 and we left you with an $800m surplus in 2018.”

Murphy strongly pushed back.

“Governor, you may still be fooling yourself, but you’ve long ago stopped fooling New Jersey. We’re working hard to restore funding to education, NJT, and the pension system that you stripped to protect the wealthy and well connected. New Jersey, at long last, is moving forward,” Murphy tweeted.   “Despite lavish and wasteful incentives, NJ lagged the region and country in every key economic measure under your watch. Now, new businesses are thriving – high propensity business applications in NJ today are double the rate of the Northeast, with record low unemployment.”

Essentially, Murphy called Christie a liar.

“Governor, it’s important for us all to acknowledge the truth about the recent past so, working together, our state can move forward,” he said on Twitter.  “New Jersey is finally on the right path. And no amount of revisionist history from you will change that.”

Conservative political consultant Rick Shaftan used Twitter to slap both governors, saying that thanks to Murphy’s “kook left Socialism” and Christie’s “moderate neo-Socialism,” wealthy New Jerseyans are moving to Florida, “where the income tax rate is 0%.”

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