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Assembly candidate Nicholas Kush.

Kush to run for Assembly

Will challenge Spearman for Barclay seat

By David Wildstein, September 13 2018 1:29 pm

Republicans have picked Nick Kush, a retired Teamster and father of a well-known GOP political consultant, as their candidate for State Assembly in the 5th district special election.

Kush will face Assemblyman William Spearman (D-Camden) in the race for the unexpired term of Arthur Barclay, who resigned from legislature in June following his arrest on domestic violence charges.  Spearman won a July special election for Barclay’s seat.

“He’s a pro-Trump, anti-tax increase kind of candidate who is not a fan of Governor Murphy and his policies,” said Camden County Republican Chairman Rich Ambrosino.

Kush knows he faces an uphill battle in one of the state’s most Democratic legislative districts.

“When my son was sent to ask me to run I was happy to help and made it clear that I’m not going to be one of those guys who just puts their name on the ballot,” = Kush said. “I’m still trying to figure out how so many people voted for a guy for governor who promised to raise our taxes, I’m against almost everything the governor is for. He’s going to raise our gas tax again, but it won’t make the roads any better. The governor is going to work with others to ban plastics, but that won’t make our neighborhoods any cleaner. This governor never met a tax he didn’t like, probably because he can afford it, but I can’t, somebody needs to fight against all his taxes, it might as well be me.”



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