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Adela Rohena

Hudson GOP drops candidate who opposed Pride Month

Arango endorses incumbent Democratic Sheriff for re-election

By David Wildstein, July 24 2019 9:27 am

Hudson County Republicans have pulled their candidate for sheriff after she made disparaging remarks about Pride Month at last night’s Jersey City Board of Education meeting.

Adela Rohena addressed the school board to question whether Pride Month is celebrated for the entire month of June.

“They gonna dance?” Rohena asked.

She criticized the school board for recognizing the gay community, but not other groups like firefighters.

“You need to work on your agenda and make it shorter,” Rohena said. “Give them one day. Why a whole month?”

The new site Hudson County View first reported Rohena’s statement, which it captured on video while covering the school board meeting.

Hudson County GOP Chairman Jose Arango learned about Rohena’s comments late last night and told his candidate he would no longer support her.   Rohena has agreed to drop out of the race.

“I have been consistent as Republican chairman in support of LGBT rights even when the Party wasn’t as enlightened on this issue,” said Arango, a former assemblyman and the chairman of the state Republican County Chair’s group. “I will not support my candidates making homophobic remarks. Adela understands that and therefore will no longer be our candidate.”.

Arango said that Hudson Republicans will not replace Rohena on the ballot and will back incumbent Democrat Frank Schillari for re-election.

“For almost ten years, Sheriff Schillari has led his department well and focused on fighting crime,” Arango said.  “I feel confident he will continue to do the same for another three years,” Arango concluded.

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One thought on “Hudson GOP drops candidate who opposed Pride Month

  1. As long as Arango holds a position in the GOP, he will sell out any Republicans who dare criticize the progressive agenda. His message pod shut up and cave to identity politics agenda. He was and will be against any Conservative Republicans. And has done nothing to build a string Republican base in Hudson County. And Bramnick sits silent. Time for both to go.

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