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Assemblyman Parker Space (R-Wantage)

Space, Wirths tell Grewal to visit Sussex and defend himself

Attorney General opposes referendum on Sanctuary State

By David Wildstein, July 23 2019 9:05 pm

Two Republican legislators are challenging Attorney General Gurbir Grewal to come to Sussex County to defend his opposition to a proposed referendum that challenges his Sanctuary State directive.

Assemblymen Parker Space (R-Wantage) and Hal Wirths (R-Wantage) support a move by the Board of Freeholders to allow voters to decide if they want Sheriff Richard Strada to ignore Grewal’s orders.

“The impetus for the imposition of your Sanctuary State directive came not from law enforcement but from the Governor and his political advisors,” Space and Wirths wrote in a letter to Grewal.  “We believe this decision by the Murphy administration – to attempt to block a free vote by the people – smacks more of politics than law enforcement.”

Space and Wirths are accusing Grewal of imposing Murphy’s will on Sussex County in his attempt to block a vote in November.

The county hired Republican State Chairman Doug Steinhardt as special counsel as they seek to challenge Grewal’s opposition to a ballot initiative.

There is considerable precedent for local governments to put non-binding referendums on the ballot.

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2 thoughts on “Space, Wirths tell Grewal to visit Sussex and defend himself

  1. Thank you to Assemblymen Wirths & Space for their professionalism but doggedness in pursuing this important issue.

  2. Tell Murphy and his crooked Democratic party assholes that we don’t want to be a sanctuary City or state. And we will fight him and impeach him.

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