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How competitive district legislators voted on minimum wage

Three Democrats, all Republicans voted no

By David Wildstein, January 31 2019 8:39 pm

Here’s how the legislators facing the toughest re-election campaigns voted on the bill to increase New Jersey’s minimum wage to $15-per-hour:

Democrats Voting No
Andrzejczak (1)


Democrats Voting Yes
John Armato (2)
Joann Downey (11)
Roy Freiman (16)
Eric Houghtaling (11)
Vince Mazzeo (2)
Andrew Zwicker (16)

Democrats Voting No
Land (1)
Milam (1)

Republicans Voting No
Jon Bramnick (21)
Anthony Bucco (25)
Joe Howarth (8)
Nancy Munoz (21)
Ryan Peters (8)

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