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Former Bergen County Republican Chairman Bob Yudin. (Photo: Bob Yudin).

Former Bergen GOP chairman endorses Menendez, Gottheimer

Yudin says America needs a Democratic Congress to watch Trump

By David Wildstein, October 27 2018 11:52 am

Former Bergen County Republican Chairman Bob Yudin says he’s voting for Democrats Bob Menendez and Josh Gottheimer because he wants a Democratic Congress to protect the nation from President Donald Trump.

“The oversight powers of Congress over the President are meaningless due to the Republican abandonment of this most important obligation,” Yudin wrote in an Op-Ed for The (Bergen) Record.  “Except for a very small minority, almost all Republicans in the Congress are petrified of the President and do his bidding out of fear of his wrath — no matter how outrageous Trump’s demands.”

Yudin is a longtime Republican stalwart who served as Bergen County GOP chairman from 2008 to 2016.  His career goes back to 1965, when as a 26-year-old former Navy lieutenant, he made a bid for the State Assembly in Essex County.

“We Americans must continue to oppose the evil that is President Trump,” Yudin wrote. “We need Congress to exercise its oversight duties.”

The Republican leader says that the “minimum that has to be accomplished is for the Democrats to take control of the House of Representatives.”

“That will result in a substantial crosscheck on Trump.  It is just a start but from there we can all work to deny Trump’s re-election in two years.” Yudin said. “I cannot imagine what we are in for if Trump maintains control of both houses of Congress.”

Yudin told the New Jersey Globe that his endorsement of Menendez for U.S. Senate and Democratic House candidates applies to the federal level only.

“I don’t support fascists,” he said.

Locally, Yudin says he’ll vote for Republican candidates for County Executive, Sherriff and Freeholder.

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