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Bergen Record backs Menendez

Another newspaper says Trump pushes them toward incumbent

By David Wildstein, November 02 2018 7:38 am

The (Bergen) Record and the Herald News have endorsed Bob Menendez for a third term in the U.S. Senate.

“Bob Menendez is no choir boy. We knew that already,” the editorial board wrote. “What else we know is that Menendez – in his time in the Senate, has fought repeatedly, without fear, for the interests of New Jersey.”

The newspapers offered positive comments about the Republican candidate, Bob Hugin, that were more positive than others have been, even within the Gannett chain.

“We take Hugin, a former Marine, at his word when he says he would seek to be a moderating force, be independent of GOP leadership, and act for all his fellow New Jerseyans,” the editorial board said.

But like every other newspaper in the state, The Record/Herald News says they ultimately made their decision based on Donald Trump.

“At this point in history, we can’t afford to take the chance on a newcomer from Trump’s own party. We need someone who is seasoned, who is unafraid to stand up to Trump when necessary — and willing to meet him halfway if it benefits the state,” the newspapers said. “Menendez is the one person on the ballot who fits that bill. He understands the stakes, and he will act for all New Jerseyans. We can’t say the same for his opponent. The only choice for Senate is Bob Menendez.”

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