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Gannett won’t print election results on Wednesday

Decision affects 8 NJ daily newspapers

By David Wildstein, November 02 2018 6:56 am

Gannett, which operates eight daily newspapers in New Jersey, will not carry election results in their print editions on Wednesday morning in a move to reduce costs and push readers to their online edition instead.

Amalie Nash, Gannett’s executive editor for local news, told the Niemann Foundation this week that their chain will drop paywalls for 48 hours and only publish results in their online editions.   That includes editions later next week.

“The last story should be submitted within 45 minutes after polls close or no more than 45 minutes before your press start — whichever comes first,” a memo circulated among editors for the Gannett papers said.

Nash told the Niemann Foundation that Gannett has a “7 PM close in most of our markets.”

The Gannett newspapers in New Jersey: The (Bergen) Record; Herald News; Courier-News, Home News Tribune; Daily Record; Courier-Post; Asbury Park Press; and Daily Journal. ”

The Niemann Foundation for Journalism is located at Harvard University.

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One thought on “Gannett won’t print election results on Wednesday

  1. The guys who run Gannett have no idea what business they are in–here is another stupid, I mean really stupid decision.

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