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Montclair State University professor Brigid Callahan Harrison is considering running against Jeff Van Drew.
Montclair State University professor Brigid Callahan Harrison is running against Jeff Van Drew.

Wildwood mayor endorses Harrison

Byron said he chose between Harrison, Kennedy

By David Wildstein, March 04 2020 10:35 pm

Wildwood Mayor Pete Byron has endorsed Brigid Harrison for the  Democratic nomination for Congress in New Jersey’s 2nd district after narrowing the field down to two candidates.

“After thoughtful consideration of who I believe is best suited to win the November election, I have been torn between Amy Kennedy and Brigid Harrison,” Byron said. “Like most from my generation, the Kennedy legacy is unparallel in inspiring social and political activism and defining public service. While Amy is acknowledged in her own right and carries on this proud heritage, I think she is outmatched by Brigid Harrison’s more extensive experience.

Byron was elected mayor last November, ousting an incumbent in a high-profile non-partisan race.

He says he wants Democrats to take back the congressional seat his party “rightfully won” before Rep. Jeff Van Drew switched parties. 

Brigid’s sharp understanding of government coupled with her passionate style of communicating, makes her the best candidate to defeat our opponent and his ‘undying support’ for the Trump agenda,” said Byron.  “While I am endorsing Brigid Harrison, it is more important that all of us clearly recognize that it will take a solidly unified Democratic Party to defeat our fierce opposition in November.”

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