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Van Drew airs first ad

By Nikita Biryukov, October 10 2018 3:00 pm

State Sen. Jeff Van Drew launched his first ad of the campaign season on Wednesday.

The ad uses Van Drew’s role as a legislator and his dentistry career to frame the congressional hopeful as someone who will fight against unfair practices at drug and insurance companies.

“For many years, people have walked through this door and this one,” Van Drew says in the ad, referring to his legislative office and dentistry practice. “Young and old, rich and poor, Republican and Democrat – I’ve treated them all the same, but insurance and drug companies have not. They cut some out, tell some no, charge us all too much, so I’ve fought them here and here. In Congress, I’ll do the same until we have a system that works for all of us.”

Van Drew’s ad doesn’t mention his opponent. That’s likely a smart move considering the seat is rated likely Democrat by the non-partisan Cook Political Report and Van Drew’s opponent, Seth Grossman, doesn’t have the funds to contest Van Drew on the air.

While Van Drew could use the cash advantage to define his opponent, as Rep. Josh Gottheimer is doing in the fifth district, there might be a limit to the effectiveness of such a campaign, as attacks against Grossman would provide the Republican with an opportunity to swell fundraising.

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