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Camden GOP Chairman Rich Ambrosino. (Photo: Rich Ambrosino).

Ambrosino calls for investigation into Ravitz incidents

Ravtiz’s actions amount to official misconduct, Republican county chair says

By Nikita Biryukov, October 10 2018 3:36 pm

Camden County Republican Chairman Richard Ambrosino on Wednesday called for the county prosecutor to investigate two incidents involving Voorhees Deputy Mayor Jason Ravitz.

“Within the space of five months, Voorhees police were twice required to respond to incidents of threatening and violent behavior by Voorhees Deputy Mayor Jason Ravitz,” Ambrosino said. “Both incidents seem to involve the consumption of alcohol by a public official who seems to think he can use his position of authority in the township in attempts to persuade or intimidate responding police officers to look the other way.”

In one incident, Ravitz got into a physical altercation with employees at a Voorhees bar. The other incident involved a similar altercation outside of an Applebee’s in the town.

Ravitz was not charged with any crimes in either of the incidents.

Ambrosino wants the prosecutor to look into whether Ravitz’s actions during the two incidents amounted to official misconduct or impersonation of a public official.

In the first incident, which occurred in August 2017, Ravitz asked a police officer to turn off his body camera and told the officer that he was responsible for the officer’s promotion.

In the latter incident, Ambrosino charged that Ravitz wrongly claimed he was mayor in charge of police, claims Ambrosino says amount to impersonating a public official.

“As Deputy Mayor, Mr. Ravitz knows the law,” Ambrosino said, “which is all the more reason why the Prosecutor’s Office should examine the video and determine if Ravitz’s conduct is in violation of New Jersey’s Code of Criminal Conduct.”

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