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Spending in CD2 lowest of NJ’s competitive districts

Van Drew outspent Grossman by 6-1 margin

By Nikita Biryukov, December 07 2018 1:12 pm

Rep.-elect Jeff Van Drew (D-Dennis) outspent spent more than six times as much as his opponent, Seth Grossman.

According to post-election reports filed with the Federal Elections Commission, Van Drew raised $1,856,803 and spent $1,788,281.

The newly-elected congressman spent $13.08 for each of his 136,685 votes.

Grossman raised $286,544 and spent $280,501, according to FEC filings. Those numbers likely would’ve been higher if the national wing of the Republican party didn’t pull its support for Grossman shortly after his primary win.

A former Atlantic County freeholder, Grossman spent $2.35 for each of his 116,866 votes.

Those spending figures do not include independent expenditures made for or against either candidate, nor do they include spending made by candidates’ political action committees.

Van Drew reported having cash-on-hand of $5,261, while Grossman had $5,419 left in his campaign account.

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