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Sires has lines in Essex, Union and Bergen

Hudson warette won’t hurt congressman in rest of district

By David Wildstein, March 19 2018 4:46 pm

Rep. Albio Sires (D-West New York) may face a primary challenge this June as collateral damage in a brewing warette between factions of the Hudson County Democratic party.  But noteworthy in the math of the 8th district primary is that Sires has organization lines in Essex, Union and Bergen counties, which under traditional turnout models account for 28% of the Democratic primary vote.

Sires was unopposed for the party endorsement in Union County last week, and he has the backing of Essex County Democratic Chairman LeRoy Jones.  Union makes up 13% of the primary vote and Essex is 14%.  The only Bergen County town in the 8th is Fairview, which produces just 1% of the vote.

It’s important to note that traditional turnout models are not binding if Democratic organizations in Hudson are pumping out turnout — but the other counties remain a significant base for the six-term congressman.

Democratic sources say that Tilo Rivas, a Hudson County Freeholder and Union City Commissioner, is a possible candidate to challenge Sires in June.

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