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Sherrill: Webber is out of touch

Democrats bashes GOP legislator for ‘extreme partisanship’

By David Wildstein, March 27 2018 1:36 pm

Sensing a potentially cutting issue in her bid to flip New Jersey’s 11th district from red to blue, Democratic congressional candidate Mikie Sherrill is doubling down on her reproach of potential opponent Jay Webber, one of two Republican Assemblymen to vote against legislation that would require equal pay for men and women.

“Assemblyman Webber’s extreme partisan response proves how out of touch he is with the communities he represents. Women in New Jersey make on average 82 cents for every dollar that their male counterparts make for doing the same job,” said Sherrill. “If you are an African-American woman, that drops to 58 cents, and if you are a Latina woman, it is 43 cents. And the overwhelming majority of the New Jersey legislature agrees: 109 of Assemblyman Webber’s colleagues from both sides of the aisle voted in favor of pay equity. “

Webber (R-Morris Plains) responded to criticism from Sherrill and two Republican legislators by arguing that his vote was the right one and that Sherill, a former Navy helicopter pilot and federal prosecutor, is wrong.

But Sherrill is continuing to advance the debate over the equal pay issue against Webber, one of her potential opponents in the general election to replace Rodney Frelinghuysen.

“With so much on the line in Washington including the incoming double taxation from the Republican tax bill, the 11th Congressional District deserves to have leadership on these issues of fundamental fairness,” said Sherrill.  “If Mr. Webber isn’t willing to find common ground with 109 of his colleagues in Trenton, he won’t deliver for New Jersey’s middle-class families in Washington.”

The bill, named after former State Sen. Diane Allen (R-Edgewater Park), who retired earlier this year, passed the Senate unanimously and the Assembly by a vote of 72-2.

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One thought on “Sherrill: Webber is out of touch

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    Please, everyone, and especially LGBT citizens remember: Webber voted against marriage equality in 2012. Not only is this not someone that I would want sitting in Congress representing me, this is not even someone that I would invite into my home or sit down at lunch with.
    Don’t support homophobic fascism. Don’t support Donald Trump. Don’t support Jay Webber.

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