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Former Burlington County Freeholder Kate Gibbs will challenge Andy Kim in the Third Legislative District.
Former Burlington County Freeholder Kate Gibbs , a candidate for Congress in New Jersey’s 3rd district..

Seven women legislators endorse Kate Gibbs

‘She should not step aside for anyone,’ legislators say

By David Wildstein, January 30 2020 9:11 am

A group of seven women legislators are standing together in support of Kate Gibbs as a group of mostly men try to give the Republican nomination for Congress in New Jersey’s 3rd district to a man who switched districts earlier this week.

“She should not step aside for anyone,” said State Sen. Kristin Corrado (R-Totowa), and Assemblywomen Jean Stanfield (R-Westampton), BettyLou DeCroce (R-Parsippany), Serena DiMaso (R-Holmdel), Nancy Munoz (R-Summit), Holly Schepisi (R-River Vale), and Aura Dunn (R-Mendham).

“Stats have continually shown that women are under-represented in New Jersey. We know all too well the obstacles that women face, and ultimately overcome, to get elected,” said the legislators. “Just as we are grateful to the women who blazed the trail before us, we are equally committed to supporting the most qualified candidates who will strengthen our State and the Republican Party,”

Gibbs, a 33-year-old labor leader and former Burlington County freeholder director, was viewed as the likely candidate to take on freshman Rep. Andy Kim (D-Marlton).

That changed this week when some Republican leaders sought to clear the field for Democrat-turned-Republican Rep. Jeff Van Drew in the 2nd district by coaxing self-funder David Richter to switch to a race against Kim.

“Kate has repeatedly proven herself to be a strong candidate. Only five weeks after announcing her candidacy for Congress, she raised nearly $150,000, quickly secured endorsements from national organizations and made the NRCC’s Young Guns List. All Republicans should take note of these accomplishments,” the legislators said.

The constituents of New Jersey’s 3rd Congressional District and New Jersey voters deserve a candidate like Kate Gibbs. We are confident that Kate’s record of dedicated public service and genuine commitment to her constituents will resonate with voters and ultimately prevail.

The only Republican legislator not on the list of Gibbs endorsers is DiAnne Gove (R-Long Beach).  The Ocean County Republican organization has not yet decided who they will back in the House race.

Editor’s note: Dunn is a former assemblywoman, but she is unopposed in a special election convention on Saturday and is expected to be sworn into the Assembly on Monday.

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3 thoughts on “Seven women legislators endorse Kate Gibbs

  1. “obstacles that women face”? DeCroce played the widow card shamelessly and had every advantage possible in her 2012 convention against Larry Casha. Any obstacle was cleared away by others for her overnight.
    That’s DeCroce for you — claiming to be the all-powerful Legislator wielding influence one day, but the vulnerable
    and pathetic victim the next day, depending on which contradictory deceit serves her selfish interests at that moment.

  2. But BettyLou DeCroce just went out of her way to endorse a man (Tayfun Selen) for Freeholder, while there are two women candidates in that Freeholder race, Alison Deeb and Melissa Florance-Lynch.
    Seems like DeCroce herself is happy to set up obstacles to women taking office.

  3. But BettyLou DeCroce just endorsed a man (Tayfun Selen) for Freeholder over two women candidates, Alison Deeb and Melissa Florance-Lynch. Hypocrisy at its height.
    So forgive us if we don’t take this statement of selective outrage too seriously.

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