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Richter, Fitzherbert, Gustafson win local endorsements

By David Wildstein, December 10 2019 2:44 pm

Two Republican leaders picked sides in the GOP congressional primary in New Jersey’s 2nd district.

Atlantic City Republican Club President Fernando Fernandez has endorsed former construction company CEO David Richter, while Upper Deerfield Township Committeeman John Daddario announced he was backing Brian Fitzherbert.

“I am supporting David’s campaign for a very simple reason: he is the only Republican in this race who can beat Jeff Van Drew,” said Fernandez.  “He has a record of accomplishment and the fundraising ability to not just make this a competitive race but to actually unseat Van Drew and help give the Republican Party a majority in the House next year.”

Daddario said that the 2nd district needs a “young and energetic Member of Congress to truly represent us in South Jersey.”

“Brian has shown time and time again he has the endurance to fight for all of the counties in the 2nd District, not just a few,” Daddario said.  “He is running for the right reasons and has the leadership and intelligence necessary to win this race.”

In the neighboring 1st district, acting Stratford Republican Club President Rob Stone endorsed Claire Gustafson for the GOP congressional nod to take on Rep. Donald Norcross (D-Camden).

“I’ve never endorsed a candidate in a party primary, but I’m not sitting this one out. I’ve known Claire Gustafson for several years; I’ve worked with her and I’ve run with her. I know no one will out work Claire,” said Stone said. “From her days on the school board to stepping up to the plate every time the party has needed her, Claire has laid the foundation necessary to build the organization needed to compete against the Norcross political machine.”

Stone ran for Camden County freeholder with Gustafson in the 2019 general election.

Burlington County Republicans voted to give their organization line to Richter and Gustafson on Saturday.

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