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Kevin Sanders for New Jersey Globe

Nurses PAC backs Sherrill

By Nikita Biryukov, August 30 2018 2:17 pm

The American Nurses’ Association’s Political Action Committee backed Mikie Sherrill on Thursday, citing her stances on healthcare issues as the reason for the endorsement.

“Throughout her campaign, Mikie Sherrill has highlighted healthcare as one of her top priorities,” said New Jersey State Nurses’ Association CEO Judith Schmidt. “She understands the importance of workplace safety, and what it takes for a nurse to be able to give their patients the best care possible. Today, we are endorsing Mikie Sherrill because we believe she will be a strong voice in Congress for New Jersey’s nurses.”

The state branch of the organization represents more than 110,000 nurses in the state. It’s unclear how many of those nurses fall within the 11th district.

The PAC has seen its spending decline in recent years, with the group last spending more than $1 million on races in 1994.

It’s spent about $341,000 so far this cycle, with the bulk of that money going to either political party and various other PACs.

78% of the $154,500 the ANA PAC has given to candidates this cycle has gone to Democrats.

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