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Rep. Josh Gottheimer thanks Wyckoff first responders at Memorial Day Ceremony on May 27, 2019.

Memorial Day Statements

By David Wildstein, May 27 2019 12:42 pm

On Memorial Day, we pay solemn tribute to the patriots who served and gave the ultimate sacrifice. We honor and remember them for their courage and selflessness. I am grateful for their service and thankful to those families of the fallen. May God bless our fallen heroes and their families.”

“We must never forget the sacrifice of those who gave their lives to protect our country, or the sacrifices made by our men and women in active duty, our first responders, and our veterans to protect the freedoms we enjoy here in the greatest country in the world.”

“It’s important that towns like Wyckoff hold these ceremonies, so that we can all come together to ensure we never forget the sacrifices our brave service members and first responders make every single day.”

“Today is Memorial Day and I wanted to reach out today to share my deepest gratitude for all who serve and those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.”

“There is no commitment more important to our country than that of defending it, as millions of brave men and women have done. Our veterans are the heroes of our nation and deserve to be treated as such for being staunch defenders of our freedom.”

“Today, I hope you’ll take a few moments and join me in remembering all those brave Americans whom we have lost in the line of duty, and all those who continue to serve to defend our freedom.”

“Today, I join Americans all across the country who pause to reflect on the incredible sacrifices of our service-members. I’m especially mindful of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice: giving what Lincoln called “the last full measure of devotion” to protect our freedoms.”

“I know that I can hug my sons a little tighter before we tuck them in tonight only because there are Gold Star parents out there who have already laid their children to rest. We owe it to our fallen heroes and their families to ensure those sacrifices were not made in vain.”

“I’m choosing to honor their memory by recommitting to better serving the service-members and military families who are still defending our nation today. That means fighting for a strong and efficient VA, and ensuring that veterans have access to opportunities in the civilian workforce. It also means making sure our military families get the support they need — especially on days like today.”

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