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Rep. Tom MacArthur, left, and his Democratic challenger, former Obama White House staffer Andy Kim

MacArthur vs. Kim: Post-debate spin

By David Wildstein, October 31 2018 9:34 pm

Following tonight’s debate between Rep. Tom MacArthur (R-Toms River) and is Democratic challenger, former Obama White House aide Andy Kim, the following statements were released:

Republican State Chairman Doug Steinhardt:

“It’s clear that Tom MacArthur is the Congressman that South Jersey needs. He’s a bi-partisan leader that has served his district well. He’s taken the heroin epidemic head on, fought for Hurricane Sandy victims and helped save the Joint Base. As the Burlington County Times said, “Congressman Tom MacArthur cuts through dysfunction in Washington to get real results for our community.

“Andy Kim is a political activist and opportunist who cannot keep his facts straight. I think voters should have serious concerns with Andy Kim’s command of the issues that impact the ever day lives of South Jersey residents.”

New Jersey Citizen Action program director Ann Vardeman.

“Tom MacArthur told the same lies during the debate that he’s been telling on the campaign trail.”

“His attempt to repeal to Affordable Care Act wouldn’t have improved healthcare; it would have deprived 23 million people of coverage and stripped 130 million Americans with pre-existing conditions of their protection under the law. And the tax breaks he voted for benefit the wealthy and big corporations, not working and middle-class families, while double-taxing New Jerseyans and threatening Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. Tom MacArthur spent the debate attacking Andy Kim and lying about his record because he knows he can’t run on the truth. The truth is Tom MacArthur has been bad for New Jersey and bad for our country.”

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