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Republican U.S. Senate candidate Bob Hugin with his campaign interns in June 2018. TWITTER PHOTO

Latina group slams Hugin on diversity, suggests he’s just like Trump

GOP Senate candidate tweet becomes a minor campaign issue

By David Wildstein, July 03 2018 10:39 am

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Bob Hugin continues to face criticism for a Tweet last week featuring him with a group of campaign interns that included only men.

“If Bob Hugin intends on representing New Jersey, the lack of gender diversity in this photo proves the opposite,” said Patricia Campos Medina, the president of Latinas United for Political Empowerment PAC (LUPEPAC).” In fact, it resembles the utter lack of respect for women that is trademark Donald Trump.”

While the Hugin campaign is hardly an exclusive club for men – the campaign manager is a woman who has worked on many New Jersey campaigns – the photo used on social media appears to be a gaffe from the first-time candidate.

“For many women, government and campaign internships are the stepping stone to a career in politics. In a male-dominated field, all candidates for office must promote the success of young women,” Campos Medina said. “By not providing young aspiring women this key first step into politics, the reality of breaking the glass ceiling will continue to elude us.”

A statement from the New Jersey College Democrats yesterday criticizing Hugin got a big reaction on social media after Assemblyman Michael Patrick Carroll (R-Morris Township) suggested in a Facebook post that many candidates and political groups use photographs that sometimes lack diversity.

“When the weekly we’ve-got-too-much-time-on-our-hands group of leftists gather in front of Congressman Frelinghuysen’s office, they are almost uniformly ‘white’ and men are grossly underrepresented,” Carroll wrote.  “Curiously, he identity-addled race-obsessives never call them to task for that.”

NJ11th for Change, the grass-roots group that Carroll was likely referring to, tweeted: “Always wanted to be part of a “we’ve-got-too-much-time-on-our-hands” leftist. One checked off the bucket list!”

Campos Media said that the glass ceiling still exists for women in politics.

Women’s rights continue to be attacked by a demagogue President Trump and a Republican Party that seeks to enact those same biases. Bob Hugin, who claims to be a ‘different kind of Republican,’ has clearly chosen to adhere to that same Trump practice,” said Campos Medina.  “As a candidate, he has the opportunity to elevate young women in this industry, instead, he has chosen only to elevate a group of young men. Actions speak louder than words and it’s crystal clear Bob Hugin is following the path of Trump.”

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