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Hugin releases 2nd prostitute allegations ad

By Nikita Biryukov, October 25 2018 12:34 pm

Bob Hugin on Thursday released a second ad hitting Sen. Menendez over debunked accusations claiming the senator solicited underage prostitutes during trips to the Dominican Republic.

“This election is about so much more than Democrats or Republicans. It’s about right and wrong, and who is the best person to represent New Jersey for the next six years in the United States Senate,” said campaign manager Stacy Schuster. “As a mother, I believe our elected officials should be figures our children can look up to. Bob Menendez will never be that type of figure. New Jersey deserves a Senator we can be proud of ─ a Senator who will make us proud.”

The script: “These are difficult times. Things are better for us, than they were for our mothers, grandmothers. Now, we’re going through another change, and it will make life better, for her. Reading this sworn FBI affidavit, containing allegations Bob Menendez traveled abroad to have sex with underage prostitutes, one thing became clear. I’ll never be able to explain a vote for him, to her.”

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5 thoughts on “Hugin releases 2nd prostitute allegations ad

  1. Menendez could have flown to Antarctic to BBQ and eat the underage prostitute ( the FBI didn’t convict him , guess that doesn’t matter to republicans) this year a vote for any spineless republican is a vote against America. Trump is an unamerican unpatriotic criminal who is wrecking this country because he’s ignorant on how to be a president or even a decent human. All republicans are complicit in crimes against America. So vote and make sure everyone you know votes

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