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Former investment banker Frank Pallotta.

Gottheimer out of step with district, Pallotta says

GOP challenger says congressman following ‘far-left march towards impeachment’

By David Wildstein, September 26 2019 12:28 pm

There appears to be a disagreement among Democrats and Republicans in New Jersey’s 5th district.

Democrats think Rep. Josh Gottheimer (D-Wyckoff) isn’t acting like a liberal Democrat.

One potential GOP House candidate disagrees.  Frank Pallotta says Gottheimer is part of his party’s left wing.

“Josh Gottheimer voted for Nancy Pelosi and is again following the Democratic Party’s far-left march towards impeachment—a complete overthrow of a duly elected President,” said Pallotta, an investment banker who is seeking the GOP nomination to challenge Gottheimer next year.  “Despite his district overwhelmingly opposing impeachment, Josh, once again, is more in line with the radical ‘Squad’ than he is with the voters who elected him.”

On Tuesday, Gottheimer announced that he would hold off making any decisions about the impeachment of Donald Trump until the House completes their inquiry.

“We must let the facts guide our work,” Gottheimer said.  “Given the gravity of this moment, I will base my final judgment on whether impeachment is warranted on the information garnered through this inquiry, not on hearsay, social media, or conflicting news accounts.”

Montvale Mayor Mike Ghassali and former Cresskill Councilman John McCann are also vying for the Republican congressional nomination.

Gottheimer faces a challenge in the Democratic primary from Arati Kreibich, a Glen Rock Councilwoman.

“It’s becoming clear that Josh Gottheimer’s voting record is out of step with the values of this district,” Pallotta said.

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One thought on “Gottheimer out of step with district, Pallotta says

  1. Josh is an intelligent , thoughtful politician. The fact that he take tissues with some of the serious and outrageous actions of our President, does not make him a left wing liberal. But use of that term reminds me of the McCarthy era of painting anyone who disagrees with you as a Red or Commie. Seems this GOP candidate is looking to go back to some rather dark and repressive days.

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