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Republican congressional candidate Frank Pallotta, as depicted in a TV ad run by his Democratic opponent. Josh Gottheimer. (Photo: Gottheimer for Congress.)

Gottheimer ad calls Pallotta a ‘fraudster’

GOP House candidate slammed for sub-prime mortgages, plan to outlaw masks

By David Wildstein, October 14 2020 8:58 am

A new cable TV ad brutalizes Republican congressional candidate Frank Pallotta for his connection to sub-prime mortgages and his proposal to outlaw masks if he defeats Rep. Josh Gottheimer (D-Wyckoff) in next month’s 5th district congressional race.

The new Gottheimer ad, “Fraudster” uses grainy photos of Pallotta – many highlighting him not wearing a mask – along with stock photos of eviction and foreclosure notices – to make his case that Pallotta’s record as Wall Street investment banker disqualifies him from serving in Congress.

Script: “Meet fraudster Frank Pallotta.  He pushed fraudulent, sub-prime mortgage schemes to Jersey seniors and veterans.  Ten million families lost their homes and the economy tanked.  Now fraudster Frank is running for Congress and his next scam is outlawing masks.  ‘I’m contemplating my first legislative move to be outlaw masks.’  Jersey doesn’t need an extremist COVID denier.  We need serious leadership.  Josh Gottheimer.  Working across party lines to fight COVID and protect our Jersey values.  I’m Josh Gottheimer and I approved this message.”

“North Jersey needs someone who will work across party lines to fight COVID and solve problems for our families and businesses,” said Sam Dorn, Gottheimer’s communications director.  “They don’t need a COVID-denying fraudster.”

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