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Goldberg files for U.S. Senate

Says voters frustrated by corrupt politicians

By David Wildstein, April 02 2018 7:16 pm

Positioning himself as the true conservative in the Republican U.S. Senate primary, businessman Brian Goldberg field his nominating petitions today and pledged to take down Senator Bob Menendez in November.

“New Jersey voters are frustrated with corrupt politicians buying elections or being bought by criminal donors. This is the next step on our path to unseat Bob Menendez and finally give New Jersey representation in the Senate that doesn’t come with a corrupt or checkered past,” said Goldberg.  “We need someone there who will fight for us, to protect our families and our future. That is me.”

Goldberg, who announced his candidacy in February, will compete with two other candidates: retired pharmaceutical company executive Bob Hugin and attorney Dana Wefer.

Goldberg says Republicans must be a part of optimists, pushing for policies that deliver “empowerment, not entitlement.  He says he supports a strong national defense, lower taxes and opposition to “burgeoning threats to the 2nd Amendment.

“We are realigning the primary race around the issues most important to Republican voters, building a wave of civic engagement that represents the only chance to topple the Menendez machine in November,” said Goldberg, a West Orange resident and a member of the Essex County Republican Committee for fourteen years.

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