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Former Assembly Speaker Joe Doria also served as mayor of Bayonne, as a State Senator, and as Commissioner of Community Affairs

Doria endorses Menendez

Former Bayonne mayor is better catch than Rutkowski, who backs Hugin

By David Wildstein, October 10 2018 9:39 pm

Joe Doria, who beat Richard Rutkowski for mayor of Bayonne three times, wants to make it clear that he supports Bob Menendez for re-election to the United States Senate.

Rutkowski endorsed Republican Bob Hugin in his bid to oust Menendez earlier today.  Doria is the better catch.

A former Assembly Speaker, Doria ran against Rutkowski, then finishing his first term as mayor, in 1994 and beat him.

“Only one man running for the United States Senate has delivered for Bayonne – that is Bob Menendez.  I have known Bob Menendez for almost 35 years,” said Doria.  “During his years representing us in the House and Senate, Bob Menendez is responsible for getting the light rail extended to Bayonne; securing millions for our local police and firefighters; and getting the approvals and federal resources needed to deepen the shipping channels, expand operations at our ports, and establish a new commuter ferry–all which have collectively led to record local business and job growth.”

Doria served in the Assembly with Menendez from 1988 to 1992, and supported Menendez’s campaigns for Congress and U.S. Senate.

“More specifically, when I was Mayor of Bayonne it was Bob Menendez who stood with us and fought the Port Authority and Army to make sure that Bayonne controlled the Military Ocean Terminal,” Doria said. “The special interest from New York and Trenton were trying to steal the base from us and it was Bob who literally stood up for us and demanded Bayonne be allowed to acquire the property.  It was his efforts in Washington that allowed Bayonne to receive funding to stabilize the peninsula and upgrade the infrastructure in order to allow development to move forward.   Bayonne needs Bob Menendez in Washington.”

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