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Republican U.S. Senate candidate Bob Hugin with his campaign interns in June 2018. TWITTER PHOTO

Dem smacks Hugin on all-male intern crew

Coyne says GOP Senate candidate wont be a champion for women

By David Wildstein, July 02 2018 12:31 pm

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Bob Hugin tweeted out a photo last Friday with his campaign interns and the head of the New Jersey College Democrats is complaining that the group included fourteen men and no women.

“It is clear from his campaign, his policies, and now his staffing choices that Bob Hugin does not grasp the wide range of issues that face New Jerseyans and does not care to learn,” said Megan Coyne, president of the New Jersey College Democrats. “It is shameful that Bob Hugin is trying to act as though he will be a champion for the women of New Jersey when he does not have a single female intern.”

It is not clear whether the Hugin campaign has no women interns, just that the photo Hugin used in his tweet showed none.  Hugin’s campaign manager and communications director are women.

Still, the optics of the photo are not helpful to the Republican trying to unseat incumbent Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez.

“Bob Hugin can claim to be pro-choice all he wants, but it is evident by this photograph and his donations to anti-choice Republicans, including Donald Trump, that he cares little about protecting and advancing the rights of women,” said Coyne.   “Now that his sham ‘affordability tour’ has concluded, perhaps Bob Hugin can meet with New Jersey women and learn about the multitude of issues that face them, including health care access, paid family leave, equal pay, and sexual violence.”

The Hugin and Menendez campaign did not immediately respond to a 12:24 PM asking how many male and female interns on each campaign.  This story will be updated if the campaigns respond.

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One thought on “Dem smacks Hugin on all-male intern crew

  1. I think that finding out how many and the makeup of the individuals who applied for an internship should be considered in any reporting. Interns aren’t whisked off the street and thrown into the back of a van. If someone like Hugin is generally considered anti-women, whether he actually is or not, it’s likely that fewer women applied for internships/jobs with him, and could account for a lower final number of female interns/employees. I’m a Democrat and voting for Bob Menendez myself, but think that if you’re going to present numbers, that they are not misleading. Voters no matter what side of the aisle they’re on deserve bonafide facts to make choices.

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