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Budget hurts millennials, young GOP leader says

Ghione points to proposals to tax ride haring and shore rentals

By David Wildstein, July 02 2018 1:18 pm

The New Jersey Young Republican say that Gov. Phil Murphy is giving millennials the short straw, saying that Democrats who crafted the budget deal left them holding the short end of the stick.

“As a law student, there are days I almost have to consider taking the bar in other states upon graduation,” said NJYRF Chairman Giancarlo Ghione, “there may be a point in the near future where New Jersey is simply unaffordable.  The Democrats in New Jersey have shown their great pleasure in raising taxes to fund liberal programs while forgetting about the middle class.”

Ghione pointed to proposals that target millennials, like ride sharing services and house rentals at the Jersey shore.  They say that the budget will mean less jobs and reduced compensation.

“The Young Republicans across the state are committed to reversing the Democrats tax increases by helping to elect Republicans this fall,” Ghione said.

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One thought on “Budget hurts millennials, young GOP leader says

  1. Did he read the budget? What is he even talking about here? The sales tax on the Jersey Shore didn’t happen.

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