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Bergen County Democratic Sheriff Candidate Anthony Cureton. (Photo by Nikita Biryukov).

Cureton, Trump focus of Bergen rally

By Nikita Biryukov, November 03 2018 1:36 pm

Anthony Cureton and President Donald Trump were at the center of a Bergen Democrat rally early Saturday afternoon.

Cureton, the candidate the county’s Democratic committee people chose to run for sheriff following the resignation of Michael Saudino, was the subject of much praise delivered by the various officials in attendance.

“He’s an extraordinary Public servant. He’s an extraordinary human being,” Murphy said of Cureton, who is head of the county NAACP. “He represents the inclusiveness of this county, the humanity of this county. He’s also tough. He’s what we need, because this is a tough big job, and we need someone of his stature.”

At the event, signs for Cureton, the latest and likely least-known member near the top of the county’s Democratic ticket, vastly outnumbered signs for other Democrats on the ballot, including heavy-hitters like U.S. Sen. Bob Menendez, Rep. Josh Gottheimer and Bergen County Executive Jim Tedesco.

The reason for that was simple enough, said state Sen. Loretta Weinberg, whom Bergen Democratic Chair Lou Stellato, perhaps accurately, called the matriarch of the county’s Democrats.

As a relative unknown and a latecomer to the year’s races, Cureton would need more help than other Democrats in the increasingly blue county.

“We are here to celebrate our hometown boy, too, because that’s what Anthony Cureton is,” Weinberg said. “He’s in our neighborhood, and he’s going to be our sheriff.”

Still, other candidates, including ones for the county’s board of chosen freeholders received their respective praises, but behind Cureton, Menendez was the main point of focus for the day’s rally.

Though, much of that focus followed the tac Menendez has taken against his opponent, former Celgene CEO Bob Hugin.

Put simply, many focused on Trump.

“The key thing that we all have to remind our neighbors, friends, family, congregants, fellow workers, anybody who we come in contact with: If you stay home and don’t vote, that is not a neutral act. that is a vote for Donald Trump and his agenda,” Murphy said.

Though, Murphy and others did offer praise for Menendez, however brief it was in comparison to their slamming Trump and general calls for voters to turnout.

Cureton, for his part, kept the attacks to a minimum, focusing on stressing turnout that will help him and other Democrats on the ballot.

“If you don’t get out and vote, stay quiet. Sit behind your doors and look in the mirror and complain only to yourself,” he said. “Many people have died to give you something that may take you five minutes to get off your tail, go in there and hit the button.”

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