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Rep. Christopher H. Smith (R-Hamilton). (Photo: Facebook.)

Chris Smith has $782k cash-on-hand

Republican congressman has raised $1.2 million for re-election in NJ-4

By David Wildstein, October 15 2020 10:03 pm

As he prepares to set a record as the longest-serving congressman in New Jersey history, Rep. Christopher Smith (R-Hamilton) has raised nearly $1.2 million for his re-election bid and has $782,456 cash-on-hand.

Smith, who ousted a thirteen-term incumbent in 1980 when he was just 27 years old, raised $220,670 between July 1 and September 30, bringing his total fundraising haul this cycle to $1,197,855.

His Democratic opponent, former U.S. Department of State official Stephanie Schmid, has not yet released her 3rd quarter report or the subsequent amendments that typically follow her filings.

Earlier this month, Schmid refunded thousands of dollars in campaign contributions after the Federal Election Commission warned of possible legal action over several possible violations.

But Schmid has still not responded to questions from the agency that enforces federal campaign laws about ghost employees on her campaign staff.

On January 3,2021, Smith is set to tie Rep. Peter W. Rodino’s record for the greatest number of years in the House.  If he’s re-elected this year, he’ll break the record as soon as he takes the oath of office for his 21st term in Congress.

With 22,483 more Republicans than Democrats, New Jersey’s 4th district is the only House district in New Jersey to become more Republican over the last decade.  When the last map was drawn after the 2010 census, the district had 12,193 more Republicans than Democrats.

Donald Trump carried the 4th district by 14 points in 2016.

Democrats have a 41%-33% advantage over Republicans on vote-by-mail ballots marked as returned by county election officials so far, according to a TargetSmart analysis.

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