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Former Kinnelon Councilman Larry Casha. (Photo: Larry Casha).

Casha endorses Becchi for Congress

Announces formal exit from race

By David Wildstein, January 21 2020 12:42 pm

Larry Casha will support Rosemary Becchi for Congress, ending his own bid for the Republican House nomination.

“With an eye toward the greater cause, I have decided to withdraw from the 11th congressional district race,” said Casha, the Republican state committeeman from Morris County. “It is my belief that this district, this state and this country will be better served with a Republican member of the House of Representatives than with Mikie Sherrill.

Casha said that after meeting with Becchi on Monday, he was “convinced that she has the integrity, intelligence and gravitas to win the election this November and defeat Mikie Sherrill and more importantly be a congresswoman we can be proud of.”

“I have said from the start, that in order to be successful in November, we as Republicans must unite behind one candidate to avoid an expensive and unproductive primary,” Casha said.  “We need to focus all of our attention and resources in reclaiming the 11th congressional district with a member of Congress that has the same values as the constituents. I know that Rosemary Becchi is that person.”

Casha asked that Republicans join him in backing Becchi.

“I recognize what an outstanding Congresswoman Rosemary Becchi will make and it is my hope, that all of the voters of the 11th congressional district do as well,” he said.

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One thought on “Casha endorses Becchi for Congress

  1. My Congresswoman currently doesn’t live in my district, now her opponent doesn’t live in the district either. This is a sick joke.

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