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Republican State Committeeman Larry Casha

Casha drops congressional bid

Field cleared for Becchi vs. Sherrill

By David Wildstein, January 21 2020 10:43 am

Larry Casha has dropped out of the race for the GOP congressional nomination in New Jersey’s 11th district, the New Jersey Globe has learned, clearing the field for Rosemary Becchi to challenge Rep. Mikie Sherrill.

Just 90 minutes ago, Casha was telling party leaders that he had decided to remain in the race.  He changed his mind after a discussion with GOP insiders about the realities of an expensive primary.

Becchi decided on Sunday to end her challenge to Rep. Tom Malinowski (D-Ringoes) in the 7th and run against Sherrill instead.

A big part of her calculus, Republicans close to Becchi told the New Jersey Globe, was the realization that she had no real path to defeating Senate Minority Leader Thomas Kean, Jr. in the 7th district Republican primary.

With a warchest – she raised nearly $400,000 by the end of September and has not yet disclosed her 4th quarter fundraising – Becchi decided that he best chance of winning a House seat was against Sherrill, a popular freshman and fundraising machine, in a district that is more Republican than the 7th but may still be just as much of an uphill battle.

Becchi is expected to have the organization lines in Essex and Passaic counties, and the support of GOP county chairs in Morris and Sussex.

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3 thoughts on “Casha drops congressional bid

  1. The few “insider” people backing Becchi now are the same people who worked hard to undermine Republican candidates in ’18 and who sat out the general election in ’18.
    Rosemary Becchi and her few handlers are in for a world of political hurt from Republicans and Democrats in 2020, and it’s not difficult at all to inflict major damage to a campaign written off already by national Republican organizations.

  2. In other words, Becchi ran a horrible campaign in 2019 and fully failed in 7th, so she’s she’s forced to fish for another district. Yeah, that’s some “great recruit” there.
    By the end of 2020, Rosemary Becchi will be forever known as the candidate who ran two failed campaigns in two different districts in one campaign cycle. It will be a set of historic losses for Becchi.

  3. Washington Lobbyist Becchi (swamp creature) is exactly what is wrong with politics. This lady doesn’t even live in district so that makes her a carpetbagger, she was running a race and losing in her district and switches races so she can have a better chance so that makes her an opportunist. So you combine the three…..swamp creature, carpetbagger, and opportunist, that is a recipe for a Mikie Sherrill flogging

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