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Jon Dalrymple

Another Republican mulls challenge to Gottheimer

Jon Dalrymple explores run for Congress

By David Wildstein, June 06 2019 10:15 pm

Jon Dalrymple, Jr., a 29-year-old student at Warren County Community College, is considering a bid for Congress against Rep. Josh Gottheimer (D-Wyckoff).

He filed an exploratory committee with the Federal Election Commission on Wednesday.

“I’m actively exploring a run for Congress. I am doing so because my district needs a real fighter in this next race,” Dalrymple said.  “As of right now, I’m in the beginning stages of preparing to run.

Dalrymple also lashed out at Gottheimer, saying he used his “Clinton Playbook” to get elected to Congress with “big money” and support from the political establishment.

“He is someone who calls himself a Bill Clinton Democrat, but routinely plays the political game with votes, flip flopping his vote when the outcome is inevitable to fit his own self-serving narrative,” he said. “This political voting game has been noticed.  It’s against the interests of his constituents in New Jersey’s fifth district.”

As Dalrymple mulls a run for office, he’s taking a different approach then the congressman known as the Human Fundraising Machine.”

“No Super PACs or special interests for me. I can’t and won’t be bought by the mega donors,” Dalrymple said. “I say what I say and make my own decisions. It’s called backbone. It’s called character.”

If he runs, Dalrymple would join former Cresskill councilman John McCann, Montvale Mayor Michael Ghassali, and former investment banker Frank Pallotta in a Republican primary.

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