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Heather Darling. (Photo: Heather Darling).

Darling wins Republican nod for Morris Surrogate

Leads by 560 votes, 690 votes remain uncounted

By David Wildstein, June 06 2019 7:24 pm

The New Jersey Globe is calling the race for the Republican nomination for Morris County Surrogate for Heather Darling.

Darling leads Michael Patrick Carroll by 560 votes, 9,670 to 9,110, — 40.7% – 38.3% — with just 690 ballots remaining to be counted.

Carroll has already conceded the race and says he spoke with Darling.

“Heather ran a great race.  She’ll be a good surrogate,” Carroll told the Globe.

The path for a Carroll win appears to be extraordinarily limited, if not impossible.

Of the 690 uncounted votes, 431 of them are provisional ballots that were cast on Election Day and 259 are vote-by-mail ballots that arrived at the county Board of Elections between Tuesday and close of business today.   Republicans cast 203 of the provisionals and 146 of the 48-hour VBM ballots.

A third candidate, Isabella Alfano.  She received 4,979 votes (20.9%).

Carroll, a twelve-term assemblyman, declined to seek re-election in order to run for Surrogate.  The 20-year incumbent, John Pecoraro, is retiring.

Darling was elected to the Board of Freeholders in 2017.  She will now face Democrat Michael Thompson, who was unopposed in the primary.

Democrats have not won a countywide race in Morris since 1973.

Editor’s note: The New Jersey Globe is the last to make an official call on the Morris GOP Surrogate race and readers are entitled to an explanation. Projecting a winner on election night is a serious responsibility and one that we take with extraordinary gravity.  We do not call races as close as this one without knowing how many votes remain uncounted, especially with a new law that allows vote-by-mail ballots postmarked on Tuesday to be accepted for two days after the polls have closed.  Some news outlets are less cautious than others.

Map by Ben Kestenbaum

Map by Ben Kestenbaum
Map by Ben Kestenbaum
Map by Ben Kestenbaum
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