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The week Cuomo decided he hates Murphy

By David Wildstein, July 13 2018 1:08 am


Winner Losers
The retired pharmaceutical company millionaire contributes $15.6 million to his U.S. Senate campaign and has $8.1 million cash-on-hand for his bid to oust Bob Menendez. The Democratic Governor of New York can’t land the endorsement of the Democratic Governor of New Jersey for a Democratic primary.
The former Obama White House aide raised more than $1 million in the second quarter of 2018 and has $1.7 million cash-on-hand for his race against Rep. Tom MacArthur. The GOP congressional candidate for Frank LoBiondo’s open seat loses the support of the National Republican Congressional Committee, not that he cares.
The former Assistant U.S. Secretary of State Tom Malinowski raised $1.3 million over the last three months and has $1.7 million in the bank for his race against Rep. Leonard Lance. The GOP U.S. Senate candidate is taking punches every day as Democrats hammer him over not announcing if he’s for or against U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.
The 19-term Republican congressman leads a successful human rights mission to Europe, where he met with Russian officials and then got a trafficking resolution approved by the Helsinki Commission. The utility company shut off the power of a Newark grandmother in hospice care, causing her oxygen tank to fail; the woman died and now state regulators are looking into the issue.
The former Cumberland County Republican Chairman gets a chance at a comeback by landing a weekly radio show on WVLT Crusin’ 92.1 with GOP consultant Steve Kush. The former Bloomfield councilman gets five years in prison for taking a $15,000 bribe from a local business owner.
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  1. I’m grateful for the opportunity for working with Steve Kush one of the most respected political consultants in New Jersey. The Bob & Steve show will be sure to bring excitement fact and straight-up discussion. 92.1 WVLT who I’ve work with in the past is one of the great local oldies and classic rock stations left in New Jersey thank you for the opportunity WVLT. Lastly thank you New Jersey Globe for recognizing our efforts and looking for our success which is sure to be in the future. Stay tuned FM WVLT 92. 1 Saturday mornings 7 AM. Call in number 856-696-0092

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