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Anthony R. Bucco. Photo by Kevin Sanders for the New Jersey Globe.

Bucco not worried about Morris Democrats

Says new county residents like GOP’s tax rate

By Nikita Biryukov, May 02 2018 12:21 am

State Sen. Anthony Bucco (R-Boonton) isn’t worried about a Democratic wave in Morris County.

In recent years, the county has seen an increasing amount of Democratic victories, including the loss of Parsippany’s mayoral seat, in what has long been safely-Republican ground. Bucco’s own seat came close to flipping in 2017, when challenger Lisa Bhimani  won 48% against the six-term state senator.

That was a significant move from 2013, when Democrats did not even run a candidate against Bucco. Still, Bucco thinks the shift is a temporary one caused by residents moving out of blue cities and into the less densely-populated Republican counties.

“They like what they see there. They like the tax rate they see – that’s why they’re coming up to us,” Bucco said. “But once they get there, they want everything that they left behind. It doesn’t make sense.”

Still, Bucco thinks that conditions in the county will bring those voters around.

“I think once they realize what they have in Morris County, I think they’ll maybe become Republicans also,” Bucco said. “It’s Republicans that created the reasons why they came here.”

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2 thoughts on “Bucco not worried about Morris Democrats

  1. But you need to sell why the GOP is better for their lives not the factional infighting and lack of message that flipped Bergen and Passaic.

  2. Bucco should be very worried. As a Morris County resident in Bucco’s district who voted mostly Republican in the past, people have had it with career politicians like the Bucco father son team and Carroll who does not represent a majority of Morris County resident’s values. Bucco is lucky he survived the last election. Most people in the district are becoming less concerned with whether one is a R or a D and more concerned on what the candidate brings to the table. That is why Mikie Sherrill has become so popular and will have my vote.

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