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WYNC reporter Nancy Solomon

‘Sticklers’ pushed reporter to correct error

Solomon backs off tweet that said Norcross was ‘target’ of corruption investigation

By David Wildstein, May 24 2019 4:17 pm

Sometimes it’s interesting to see how the sausage gets made on the journalism side.

On Tuesday, Nancy Solomon, the WNYC reporter who has been aggressively covering the tax incentives issue, tweeted that George Norcross was “now the target of a corruption investigation.”

That looked like breaking news.

The New Jersey Globe asked the Attorney General’s office if the state had identified a target.

“Our office has confirmed nothing except the existence of an investigation,” Sharon Lauchiere, a spokesperson for the attorney general, told the Globe on Wednesday.

The Globe contacted Solomon for a clarification on Thursday.

Several hours and two e-mails later, she posted an explanation on Twitter.

“It’s been pointed out to me that my language in the above tweet was imprecise. What I intended was …now the focus of the task force investigation is suing the investigators. Clunky, but more accurate for the sticklers out there,” Soliman wrote.


Precise words matter, especially when a reporter identifies someone as “the target of a corruption investigation.”  Shortcuts detract from the serious issues involved.

An investigation by a task force and a target of a corruption investigation are two entirely different things.

Sometime, sticklers make good watchdogs.

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