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George E. Norcross III. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for the New Jersey Globe).

George Norcross amasses dream team of New Jersey lawyers

Porrino, Chertoff, Critchley, Stern, Tambussi representing Norcross interests on EDA tax credits probe

By David Wildstein, May 06 2019 3:58 pm

George Norcross has assembled a high-powered dream team of New Jersey lawyers, according to a letter sent to the counsel of the task force probing tax incentives granted by the New Jersey Economic Development Commission obtained by the New Jersey Globe.

Connor Strong & Buckalew, the insurance company headed by Norcross, is being represented by former New Jersey attorney general Christopher Porrino, former U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff, and two of the state’s most prominent attorneys, Michael Critchley, Sr. and William Tambussi.

Cooper University Health Care, which is chaired by Norcross, has retained former U.S. District Court Judge Herbert Stern, as well as Porrino.

Another top lawyer, Kevin Marino, has been retained to represent Parker McCay, a South Jersey law firm headed by Norcross’ brother, Phil.

Porrino’s representation of Connor Strong and Cooper comes at the same time he is representing Gov. Phil Murphy’s administration in a legislative probe of transition hiring practices that resulted in Al Alvarez obtaining a top state position despite.  That probe is ongoing.  Critchley is the counsel to the legislative committee in the same investigation.

Chertoff and Stern are both former U.S. Attorneys for New Jersey.  Chertoff served as a judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the third circuit before President George W. Bush named him to his cabinet in 2005.

Marino most recently represented Ocean County GOP chairman George Gilmore in his federal tax evasion trial.

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7 thoughts on “George Norcross amasses dream team of New Jersey lawyers

  1. Kevin Marino has never been a prosecutor, and I wouldn’t call this a dream team, Marino lost a lot of cases, including that goldman guy, Louise Meanwell and George Gilmore, Thats nothing to dream about, other than being in prison, like the bridge gate gal-paying out of the as* legal fees to go to jail, sweet

  2. Norcross has to go down. He’s a criminal; liar and greedy arrogant cyber harasser

    Norcross gets what’s coming to him. This time he will fall. Nobody likes him. He’s a disgrace and full of wickedness. His days are numbered

    Everyone is supporting Murphy

  3. Norcross is going to prison that’s why he’s getting lawyered up. Gods fed up with this guy and so are his people. His days are numbered. Murphy has to be careful that Norcross doesn’t put a hit on him like he did Lewis Katz, William Buckman and the Sheridan’s. We will pray that the God had favor and a hedge of protection on Murphy

    Norcross is demonic and evil and he resorts to having people murdered if he doesn’t get his way. God is coming after Norcross this time and he’s using Murphy and others to do it. Gods going to make sure Norcross goes down this time. Norcross protected Christie by using that lawyer Bridget hired. But God sees all that wickedness and it’s about to come down

  4. This guy has FBI wiretaps; local 098 suing him; murder investigations which have no statute of limitation; EDA criminal investigation; election fraud investigations; cyber hacking investigations; cayman island off shite accounts; military intel interference ; FISA violations and sexual harassment charges. He has his hands full. He mustnit be sleeping well. He knows he’s going down and the world is watching him this time

  5. @jerseyfedup norcross isn’t the only one that harasses sexually their are certain members of this cra*py dream team that are also guilty of such actions or so I’ve been advised. They’re all crony hypocrites and liars in my opinion. Some have very dark skeletons in their closets. So I’ve heard. Dirty ole per*s some of them.

  6. I think Porrino, Chertoff, Critchley, Louise Meanwell, Stern, & Tambussi are working for the same person ie. Norcross. That’s why he calls them a dream team.

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