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Former Bergen County Republican Chairman Bob Yudin. (Photo: Bob Yudin).

Yudin tells DiGaetano to resign

By David Wildstein, January 11 2018 9:57 am

Forty Republican incumbents have lost re-election in Bergen County since Paul DiGaetano became County Chairman in 2016, and the man he beats for the post thinks he should resign.

In a message to party insiders this morning, Yudin criticized DiGaetano for the defeat of GOP Freeholder candidates in 2016 and 2017, 24 Republican Mayors and councilmembers in 2017, and for the sixteen who lost in 2016.

“It seems many of you bought a bridge,” Yudin said.  “We all thought 2016 was as bad a year as the BCRO could experience.  Little did we know how much worse it would get.”

One of the losers in 2017 was DiGaetano, who got wiped out in a Republican State Senate primary against Kristin Corrado (R-Passaic).  DiGaetano barely carried the Bergen County portion of the district.

DIGaetano ousted Yudin in 2016 by a 539-274 vote.

Yudin pointed out two promises DiGaetano made when he was running for chairman: to win elections and to raise “millions of dollars each year.”  Yudin says DiGaetano told party leaders last year that there was no money available to assist local candidates.
“The BCRO now exists in name only.  The Republican Party in Bergen County is no longer a viable option for the voters,” Yudin wrote.  “Paul DiGaetano should resign.

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