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Seth Grossman at a June 27, 2018 fundraiser in Buena. (Photo: Nikita Biryukov for the New Jersey Globe)

Grossman tells Stivers to resign

Says NRCC fails to back pro-Trump House candidates

By David Wildstein, July 10 2018 12:05 pm

Seth Grossman wants NRCC chair Steve Stiver to resign for his refusal to support pro-Trump candidates for Congress.

“Instead of calling on me to get out of the race, the NRCC should support candidates who support the President’s Agenda.   They should stop giving ammo to the radical left to use against Republican candidates,” Grossman said. “Steve Stivers should resign immediately for failure to support the President and his agenda.”

Stivers, an Ohio Republican who runs the National Republican Congressional Committee, announced last night that the NRCC was withdrawing support for Grossman after comments about diversity and allegedly racist posts he shared on social media became public.

“These silly attacks are simply bizarre to both friend and foe who have known me for decades here in Atlantic County,” Grossman said.  “I’ve been an outspoken opponent of racism and anti-Semitism for decades — everyone knows that.  But what is just crazy is how the National Republican Party is freaking out over sharing a post from Allen West, a retired Black Army Commander.

Grossman, a former Atlantic County freeholder and Atlantic City councilman, faces Democratic State Sen. Jeff Van Drew in New Jersey’s 2nd district, where Republican Frank LoBiondo is retiring after 24 years in Congress.

“Republicans have to stop worrying about offending people and start telling the truth about some of the problems we have in this country,” Grossman said.  “President Trump won because he recognized what 17 other Republican candidates and the NRCC chair didn’t see – that Americans want straight talk, not weak and timid career politicians afraid to tell the truth.”

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