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Toto wins Salem line for LoBiondo seat

Eight Republicans seeking 2nd district seat

By David Wildstein, March 12 2018 12:33 am

The Salem County Republican line in the race for Frank LoBiondo’s congressional seat went to Somers Point Councilman James Toto.

Toto, a U.S. Army veteran and former Air Marshal, is now the Public Works Supervisor for Ocean City.

The early front runner for the nomination is Hirsh Singh, a software engineer who ran for governor in 2017 with a $1 million loan from his father and briefly sought the Republican U.S. Senate nomination this year.  Singh has said he would self-fund his run for Congress.

Singh has won the organization line in Ocean County, which is 10% of the district, and Burlington County, where just 199 votes were cast in the last Republican congressional primary.  Salem makes up 9% of the Republican primary vote in the 2nd district.

Six other Republicans are seeking the seat being vacated by LoBiondo for the last 24 years:  former Assemblyman Sam Fiocchi (R-Vineland), former Atlantic County Freeholder Seth Grossman, retired FBI agent Robert Turksavage, attorney John Zarych, Trump activist Mark McGovern, and defense contractor Brian Fitzherbert.

The next contests will later this month in Atlantic (33%), Cape May (21%), Cumberland (11%), and Gloucester (13%).  Camden County has tiny part of the district, casting 528 votes in the last GOP House primary.

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